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Fic: Trapped in Time

Title: Trapped in Time
Fandom: YuGiOh (my own AU verse)
Characters: Yami no Bakura/Malik (March Hare/Mad Hatter)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Trapped in a time bubble by the Queen of Hearts, the March Hare goes into heat and the Mad Hatter has to help him out like any good friend would.
Warnings: Fisting
Author Notes: This is only really being posted so people on deviantART can read it without having to be 'of age'.

Bakura groaned to himself. Despite the fact the little time bubble the Queen had trapped them in had forced the area around them to stop completely, it didn't mean that it stopped his internal body clock, which happened to tell him it was March. And there was a reason he was called the March Hare.

He banged his head on the table in frustration, ignoring the Mad Hatter nearby, who was counting how many spoons there were in his hat. "Hatter, shut the fuck up." He eventually growled, when the sound filtered through his brain at last.

Malik dropped his spoons with a clatter. "What's upup, Bakubunny?" He chirruped, jumping on the table to sit in front of his friend. "You look flushed."

"Do I? Do I really?" Bakura glared before leaning back in his favourite chair and sighing deeply. "I'm not exactly in the best of moods right now."

"You're never in a goodgood mood." The Hatter commented. Oh God, he was repeating words again. "Want some sugarsugar tea? Honeyhoney? Jazzy-min?"

"I don't want any damn fucking tea, Malik!" The white hare growled, narrowing his red eyes, before bending back over and laying his head on the table, resting on his folded arms. "Just leave me alone.

Fuck, he hated being a hare. Every 'March', no matter what, just like clockwork, he was insanely horny. Luckily it was never for as long as what could be thought of as a month, but for around a week or so, around a full moon more often than not, he would feel the dire urge to fuck, like an animal. Luckily he'd had Seto in the past, and Marik shortly after, but now he was trapped in a bubble with the last person in Wonderland he wanted to be stuck with. Ok, maybe not the last. The Queen of Hearts certainly came top of that list.

Bakura felt a hand on his head. "You're really warm, Bakubunny." The blonde said, shifting so he could lie down on the table, knocking a few cups off in the process. His head was now level with the March Hare's.

He looked up with a sneer. "What the fuck have I told you about that? I'm a hare, not a bunny!" He growled.

"Yeah yeah, hares are bigger, I know." Malik waved a hand dismissively, then looked thoughtful for a while. "Hang on... you're March Hare, right? Would it be March now?"

"Oh, give Mad Malik a prize." Bakura grumbled, burying his head in his arms again. "You managed to work it out."

"They always said you were as madmad as a March Harey." Malik cackled, sitting upright with his legs crossed. "Getting frustrated? Tent in your pants? Need an appointment with your hand?" He giggled, and Bakura picked up a nearby saucer and threw it at him.

"Will you bloody shut your gob for once?" He snarled. His jacket had long since been discarded to the floor, and now he chose to unbutton his shirt to try and cool himself down. His shoes and socks were also long gone, over by the fence after he and the Hatter had tried to break the seal using their shoes as ammo.

"I'm pretty sure you'd want my gob somewhere else." Malik grinned, cackling again.

Bakura rolled his eyes and sighed uncomfortably. His body was insanely overheating. He felt like he'd go even more insane if he went any longer without some sort of relief. It was a good thing he didn't actually have a hard-on, otherwise that would've made it even more unbearable. Especially considering how much of a whore the Mad Hatter could actually be. Even though he thought the tanned blonde was quite pretty, and in certain lights looked like his partner, the Cheshire Cat, but no way in hell would he fuck him.

Eventually the March Hare decided the chair was making him too hot, and joined Malik on the table, lying flat on his back with his arms and legs spread out.He shirt was on the verge of being torn off and thrown in the corner, but he wanted to retain some dignity instead of lying on the tea party table half naked. He closed his eyes and tried to breath deeply, attempting to calm his body down.

The Mad Hatter watched him curiously, his head cocked to the side. It was lucky his hat was already on the table, otherwise it would've fallen straight off with the angle his head was currently at. His mind pondered a couple of thoughts, one main one being that his friend was obviously very uncomfortable. He's seen the March Hare get... well, mad as a March Hare before, although he wasn't this snappy. Most likely because he'd had the Cheshire Cat to take the edge off, as it were.

He crawled over to the white haired man, and lent over his face, close enough so that his hair just tickled the other's face. Bakura cracked his eyes open in annoyance. "What the fuck do you want, Hatter?" He growled.

Malik had two choices: Sit and watch the person he called his best friend suffer, or fuck him senseless. He chose the latter, and crushed his lips against the hare's below him

Bakura's eyes widened, and for a moment or two he actually tried pushing the younger man off of him, but as his hormones suddenly took over he found himself kissing back with passion, even going as ar as wrapping his arms around the Mad Hatter's neck to yank him closer.

With the forceful tug, Malik fell on top of the hare, which made them both groan. The blonde never realised how good of a kisser Bakura was, and found the tongue in his mouth the most erotic thing he'd ever experienced. Despite Bakura being below him, the pale hare was clearly trying to dominate the kiss, with Malik happily let him do with a low groan in the back of his throat. He swung his leg over Bakura's waist properly, straddling his slender hips until a sly leg suddenly wrapped around his own waist and pulled him down properly, allowing their growing erections to meet with a lust-filled groan.

Bakura broke the kiss gasping. "Fuck." He cursed, shifting his hips and moaning when the friction of their pants created shocks of pleasure. "What the fuck is your idea, Hatter?"

"To make you feel better." Was his only answer, before Malik swooped down again and captured his friends mouth in another furious kiss.

Tanned hands roamed along the bare expanse of the March Hare's chest, tweaking a nipple along the way, which forced out a high pitched gasp from the back of Bakura's throat. His fingers traced over faint scars, and the particularly bad one on his stomach that he knew the hare had gotten when he'd broken the Cheshire Cat out of jail. He rubbed that scar gently, feeling the muscles twitch uner his ministrations.

The lip-lock was broken again as Malik remembered how sensitive Bakura's tail was, and a hand slid under him to fondle the little fluffy stub. Bakura rolled his head back and keened at the touch, which made the blonde hatter tilt his head to nibble at his exposed neck.

"Mm, Malik." Bakura purred, pale hands burying themselves in Malik's blonde locks. His hips didn't know wether to arch into the the touch on his tail, or grind against the other to give him more friction on his now fully-hard cock. He settled for removing one of his hands to reach down between them and undo the button on his pants.

Malik got the message and soon one of his own hands joined it to unzip the metal and delve underneath the silk boxers the hare wore. Bakura let out a long and low moan as his cock was grasped in a soft but firm grip. The Mad Hatter grinned, completely unlike his normal, slightly insane but mostly innocent self. He removed his bites from the older male's neck to trail them down to his nipples, sucking them harshly, knowing Bakura liked it rough if the scars on his hips were anything to go by.

"Shit!" Bakura groaned, eyes rolling back into his head. He arched his chest into the torture, trying to grind his hips into Malik's hand at the same time. "Fuck, quit teasing and just screw me, wanker." He growled out, managing to glare at the tanned boy when he looked up with his lavender eyes.

"I thought you had more patience than that." Malik giggled, but removed himself to fetch his hat.

The March Hare propped himself up on his elbows, watching with a tilted head what the blonde hatter was doing. He had to chuckle when the boy produced a bottle of lube out of his hat. "You have everything in there." He laughed, a little breathlessly.

"You'd be surprised what's in my hat, Marchy." Malik smirked, crawling back over while shedding his belt, jacket and shirt, leaving him only in his purple suit pants, which were quickly undone. "Might wanna take these off." The tanned blonde suddenly cackled, yanking at the hare's own red pants, which quickly were swiped down to his knees.

"Crap, Malik, those are expensive." Bakura cursed at him, not letting how horny he was affect his care for his clothes. He growled until Malik suddenly shifted closer and sucked his aching cock into his mouth. "That's more like it." The white hare moaned, leaning up properly to grip hold of Malik's hair again.

While Bakura was distracted, the Mad Hatter managed to pull his pants off all the way so he could spread his pale legs. Still bobbing his head up and down, he increased his suction so that when he poured lube in his fingers and slid a coated digit into the hare's entrance, it didn't hurt as much. But he was sure Bakura wouldn't have minded anyway. Damn masochist. He pulled back when he heard the March Hare moan loudly, and felt his hips jerk a bit. Licking his lips with a grin he knew he'd found the spot he was searching for, and he bumped his finger against it a little more.

"Such a cocktease." Bakura complained, his speech trailing off into a groan when his friend slipped in another finger, constantly molesting the little bundle of pleasure nerves. His head fell back, hips gyrating against the hand in an attempt to get more pleasure out of it. His saliva-slick cock was cooling in the air, frustrating him enough so that he whined loudly.

Luckily, Malik noticed this, so when he sat up properly, he grasped the hot flesh and pumped it vigorously, emitting a loud cry from the white hare, who lifted his hips to hump the blonde's hand. He was incredibly annoyed with himself at how turned on he was. It was embarrassing, really. The only people who had seen him in such a state were the Cheshire Cat and the Caterpillar, whom he had both trusted more than this insane hatter that now had his hands on him. But it couldn't be helped at all. It was either him or going crazy from not getting any relief at all. Stupid genetics.

Two fingers became three, and the March Hare slid back onto the table, content in just humping Malik's hand and arching into the fingers currently fondling his prostate. His moans were steadily growing more high pitched and desperate, and occassionally he let out a soft groan of 'More!', which was usually accompanied by an attempt to get more friction on his cock.

Malik was determined to keep the slow pace, though, not wanting to wear his tea-time party friend out too quickly, even though he was pretty sure that he'd be 'up' and around in no time. The cries for more had the Mad Hatter curious, though. Maybe Bakura wasn't satisfied with just three fingers, so, pouring more lube over his hand, he added his pinky finger to the others, grinning when the pale hare let out another moan at being stretched so far.

The March Hare's mind was going back to the previous 'March', when he and his partner had experimented with an extremely large number of things, since Bakura had basically been up for anything. One of them had been fisting, and fuck, he had loved it. He wondered if Malik would take the hint as he ground down on his hand, trying to slip it further in, because like hell if he was going to ask.

The blonde hatter twisted his hand experimentally, smirking when Bakura let out a small yelp of surprise, and his breathing quickened. He'd heard a couple of stories of the antics his friend got up to every March. Not that he could blame the hare, considering how crazy he got if he did nothing. He cocked his head to the side again, deciding to be extra careful treading into unfamiliar territory. Pouring more lube onto his hand, he folded his thumb over his palm tightly. He straightened out his fingers and began sliding his hand further into the March Hare's entrance, hearing his breath hitch slightly, but other than that, there were no outward signs of discomfort.

Internally, the March Hare was frustrated as hell. He wanted move Malik to quicker, to tell him to fuck him as hard as he could, but a part of him knew that if they rushed this particular part, he could seriously hurt himself. As had been the case the third time he and Marik had tried this. He'd gotten a lot of comfort cuddles from his feline companion after that, which was nice for a while, until his hormones took over again.

He felt Malik stop moving inside him, probably giving him a moment to adjust, which he was thankful for. He propped himself up on his elbows again, wanting to look down at the blonde and see what he was doing. Malik looked up at him curiously, head tilting to the side in the same way the Cheshire Cat did. In fact, he'd probably picked it up from him. The March Hare nodded, telling him it was okay to continue. He felt the fingers slowly curl up into a fist, bumping against that nerve bundle again, which forced him to fall back on the table once more and moan loudly. "Fuck, Malik." He hissed, forcing his hips to stay still. He really didn't want to hurt himself thanks to his hormones.

Malik chuckled, loving the power he now had over the usually-dominant and snarky male. He began to slowly slide his fist out, purposefully nudging against the other's prostate in an attempt to draw out more of those delicous moans. Bakura groaned rather than moaned, clearly trying to restrain himself. Eventually he gave into his temptations and simply growled. "Harder, damn it, Hatter!" He snarled, forcing himself down on the hand and groaning deliciously.

Staying silent, the tanned boy smirked wider, and started to move his fist faster, more firmly. He took his free hand and wrapped it around Bakura's cock, pumping it in time with his fist. It was a very strange sensation to have his entire hand inside his long-time friend, but it wasn't exactly weird. In fact, ti was quite magnificent, especially if it made the March Hare lose complete control like he was doing. Pale fingers were clutching desperately at the tablecloth, and his hips were raising and pushing back against his hand, making his knuckles rub against that bump of nerves that simply made Bakura scream.

It was lucky that they were trapped where no one could hear them at this point, as the screams and moans that Bakura was making surely would've made the white hare completely embarassed if anyone he knew heard them. Apparently he didn't care if Malik did. The blonde felt slightly honoured at the thought, as the March Hare was a slightly closed-in person, not very trusting of many people, though he called quite a few of them friends.

Of course this could all be just hormones and he couldn't care less who was currently fisting him.

Removing the hand that was wrapped around Bakura's leaking erection, he replaced it with his mouth, sucking roughly, which shocked the March Hare into thrusting his hips up into the warmth, but then back down onto his hand. "Oh God!" Bakura whined. "Fucking, FUCK! Oh, bloody hell." His words were slurring together, unable to form complete sentences, barely able to speak at all apart from loud and lustful curses. "Shit, shit! Gonna, soon!" He panted, and Malik got the message.

The Mad Hatter bobbed his head up and down the hare's length, dragging his teeth along the flesh gently but doubling the pressure of his sucking. His fist was doing short and quick thursts in and out of Bakura, nudging his prostate every single time. Pretty soon all the noises Bakura could make were loud moans and shrill cries. With little warning other than a particularly loud cry, Bakura's back arched completely off the table, shooting his load down the back of Malik's throat. The muscles tightened around the hatter's hand, and everything seemed to freeze for a moment or two before the white hare collapsed onto the table, panting hard.

Malik slowly slid his hand out when the muscles loosened, spitting the cum in his mouth in a nearby teacup. He'd have to remember which one that was so they wouldn't drink out of it. He leaned back and just watched Bakura catch his breath, liking the pale pink flush that seemed to spread from his face over his neck and shoulders. The red shirt was sticking to him, both from sweat and cum.

"You okaykay?" Malik titled his head and shuffled closer, looking down at his friend's face, whose eyes were closed.

A red eye cracked open. "Yeah, I'm fine." He said, no hint of malice nor content in his voice. He winced when he moved. "That's gonna be sore for a while though."

"Sorry." If Malik had had long ears like the hare, they would've drooped.

"Not your fault." Bakura rolled onto his side with a groan. His limbs felt like jelly, but he knew that soon his hormones would kick in again and he'd be up for another round. He really didn't want to, because a small part of his mind was trying to stay loyal to Marik, even though he knew the cat wouldn't hold it against him.

Malik took to stroking the March Hare's white hair, happy to ignore his own need for the moment, occassionally stroking the furry ears, listening to him practically purr. Those purrs turned into soft moans after a while, and the blonde didn't need to look to know that he was turning the hare on. His soft stroking turned into harder scratching, getting that spot behind Bakura's long ears that made the hare tilt his head towards his hand.

"Fuck you." Bakura grumbled, but didn't cease his movements. He adored being petted, similar to his partner, but the Cheshire Cat easily liked it more. For the March Hare, it was more of a comfort thing, but Marik could easily get turned on by it, just like he was currently doing.

"Not satisfied?" Malik chuckled, leaning down to press a kiss to the hare's lips, which was rewarded with a nip of sharp canines.

"Don't push it. I can happily pleasure myself if you piss me off." Bakura glared, but his eyes were half-lidded and his voice didn't sound half as threatening as usual.

"I'd be happy to watch." The blonde grinned, now using both hands to scratch behind the hare's ears.

"You need eyeballs to watch, which I will quite gladly rip out of your skull with a spork." The March Hare growled, even though he was softly moaning from the pleasure on his ears.

"You don't seem to be complaining." Malik titled his head to the side with a smirk. He moved to straddle the pale man's hips when he turned on his back again.

"Blame the hormones." Bakura cursed, mouth hanging open in a slight gasp.

"Mad as a March Hare. I always wondered where that phrase came from." The Mad Hatter mused. Then he had an idea. A devious idea, one that he would wait to put to into motion, because now he was happy with arousing the hare below him.

"Shut up and keep going." The March Hare growled, slipping his eyes closed and just relishing in the touches behind his ears.

The other above him giggled, leaning down to bite harshly at Bakura's pale neck. He started moving his hips against the ones below him, enticing soft groans to force themselves out of the hare's throat. Slender hands reached up to tangle in Malik's hair and scratch his shoulders, trying to push him down further. Malik took the hint and nibbled his way down the man's throat, licking his collar bones and trailing down to a nipple. He removed one of his hands from behind Bakura's ear to pinch the dusty bud that he now suckled on.

Bakura arched into the suction, making a keening noise in the back of this throat, grinding his crotch into Malik's furiously. His hormones were fully kicking in again, quickly making him hard and ready for another bout of whatever Malik had planned. He honestly didn't care what the younger boy did, as long as he stopped being so damn hot and so damn horny. Malik yanked him up by the front of his shirt, so he was sat up straight with the blonde in his lap. The hare moved his hands from his shoulders to the other's hips, gripping the protruding bones and digging in his nails.

Pulling back slightly, Malik licked his lips and grinned. "I have an idea." He smirked, and Bakura wondered how anyone in Wonderland could think this boy to be anywhere near as innocent as they thought he was.

"Well then, do proceed with it." Bakura encouraged, panting harshly. His body temperature was rising again. There was a reason why is was called being 'in heat'. While Malik twisted away to get another thing out of his endless hat storage, the March Hare shrugged off his shirt, leaving himself completely naked. Idly he rubbed the scar on his stomach, recalling his partner. If he imagined hard enough, Malik could be him, but that wouldn't be fair on either of the tanned blondes.

When the tanned hatter turned back around, Bakura let out a loud laugh at the purple vibrator he had in his hand.
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